What is parodentosan ?

A unique product line combining selected medicinal herbs with chlorhexadine. Due to the balanced composition, the active ingredients complement each other perfectly: chlorhexidine digluconate in perfect dosage has an antimicrobial effect against bacteria and fungi, myrrh is astringent and immuno-stimulating, sage disinfects and inhibits inflammation while peppermint has a pleasantly cooling and refreshing effect.

When is parodentosan recommended ?

  • For an impressive anti-plaque effect.
  • Effective for inflammation of the oral mucosa and for periodontitis.
  • Promotes the healing process after periodontal operations, such as inserting implants or during periodontal therapy.
  • Disinfects and promotes the healing of aphthae.

Who confirms the claims and recommends parodentosan ?

A detailed study by professors Persson and Lang at the University of Bern and in Sweden provided proof of the scientific claims. This unique study shows the disinfecting effect of the combination of CHX with herbal ingredients and, above all, the reduced discoloration of teeth, without affecting taste sensation.

parodentosan contains two innovative formulas:
ADF = Anti-Discoloration Formula and TPF = Taste-Protection Formula

As Swiss quality products, the rinsing solution, gel and mouthwash-N are registered at Swissmedic and classified in list D.

Over 80% of specialist dentists recommend and use parodentosan.

Developed by dentists and recommended by dentists.


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