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Due to herbal ingredients, parodentosan dental care products with chlorhexidine effectively disinfect the oral cavity without discolouring the teeth or impairing taste sensation.

parodentosan - for a healthy mouth

Dr. Andreas Grimm, Horgen The new parodentosan product line combines chlorhexidine in small dosage with natural ingredients such as sage, myrrh and peppermint. Dentist Dr. Andreas Grimm, Horgen, was one of the first professionals to gain experience with the new products.

Dr. Grimm, what is an important basis for effectively treating patients with periodontitis in your practice ?
The most effective basis is that the patient should have no plaque in the oral cavity at all. As a rule, daily brushing of the teeth is not enough. That's why I recommend rinse solutions with chlorhexidine (CHX) - the highest standard in oral cavity disinfection.

Have conventional chlorhexidine products proven to be effective?
Yes, but they cause discolouration of the teeth and the tongue; in addition, they strongly impair taste sensation.

What makes parodentosan different?
Parodentosan is the first CHX preparation that doesn't cause any discolouration. The low-dose active ingredient of parodentosan in combination with herbal ingredients works just as well as preparations based on CHX alone and in higher concentrations. This has been shown by studies at the Universities of Bern and Zurich. We assume that the supportive effect of medicinal plants is caused above all by activation of the body's own immune defence.

What reactions did you get from your patients?
Feedback has been very positive. Most patients say: "Finally, there is something that tastes good." This property has a positive effect on the frequency of application. To properly use parodentosan rinse solution, it has to be used three times a day. If possible, the treatment should be complemented by parodentosan tooth paste which contains no sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) since the CHX would be quickly washed out of the mouth. Please note that persons without periodontitis can optimally support their oral hygiene by rinsing once daily with parodentosan.

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