Healthy gums

The cause

The cause for periodontal diseases is an adverse interaction between bacterial infection and immune defence. They are among the most frequent human diseases. Approx. 60 - 80% of adults suffer from gingivitis or periodontitis. The gums are inflamed and may be swollen. Between the teeth and along the gumline, the gums are already receding, pockets below the gumline begin to form due to gums separating from the teeth, the tooth necks are exposed, teeth are loosening, and the bone supporting the teeth is partially destroyed. The actual cause of marginal periodontitis, i.e. along the gumline, is bacteria in the gum pockets and on the root surfaces. The bacterial toxins destroy the tissue and lead to bone loss. Medicaments, smoking tobacco, hereditary factors and mental and physical stress accelerate progression of the disease. These types of inflammation are no unavoidable fate. Proper mouth hygiene along with professional attendance may prevent periodontitis. Existing diseases are usually curable (this actually applies to gingivitis only), in the case of periodontitis, the disease may at least be brought to a standstill.

For persons above 30 or 40 years of age, periodontitis is the most common cause of tooth loss and bad breath. In younger people, caries predominates. Recent research has shown that untreated periodontitis my increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Even premature births or low birth weight may be associated with periodontitis.

The goal

The treatment goal is the complete removal of bacterial plaque located on the tooth and root surfaces as well as in the gum pockets. This promotes the natural immune defence of the body. Through proper teeth cleaning, both hard and soft plaque as well as bacterial toxins are removed from the inflamed gum pockets without an operation, if possible. Plaque in the gum pockets and also heavy plaque have to be removed by a dentist or dental hygienist.

Regular check-ups for reinfection of the gum pockets and regular prophylaxis are an important precondition to keep your teeth free from inflammation as well as to repair and regenerate periodontal tissue. Use of an optimal rinsing solution effectively controls bacterial recolonization. Healthy teeth and healthy gums are not merely tools for eating and speaking but also our natural jewellery. It is no longer merely a great dream to keep them healthy far into old age.

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